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Your favorite Pokemon of each type

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User Info: BrightStar7

3 years ago#71
Normal - Togekiss
Fire - Victini
Water - Milotic
Grass - Serperior
Electric - Luxray
Flying - Ho-oh
Fighting - Lucario
Psychic - Latias
Dark - Zoroark
Steel - Jirachi
Poison - Seviper
Ghost - Golurk
Ice - Glaceon
Bug - Volcarona
Rock - Tyranitar
Ground - Rhyperior
Dragon - Latios
Fairy - Sylveon
BANZAI Xerneas-sama!!! >_<

User Info: Aquasition

3 years ago#72
Normal- Porygon2
Water- Manaphy
Fire- Fennekin
Grass- Shaymin-S
Poison- Toxicroak
Bug- Scizor
Steel- Jirachi
Psychic- Mewtwo
Dark- Hydreigon
Fighting- Lucario
Rock- Archeops
Ground- Garchomp
Flying- Togekiss. D'awww :D
Dragon- Latias
Ice- Kyurem-W
Electric- Zekrom
Ghost- Giratina
Fairy- Sylveon
Come over here, I'll promise I will heal you >:D
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User Info: Prophet_of_Zeal

3 years ago#73
Normal - Meloetta
Fire - Infernape
Water - Swampert
Grass - Ludicolo
Electric - Lanturn
Flying - Staraptor
Fighting - Toxicroak = Breloom
Psychic - Metagross = Mewtwo
Dark - Sharpedo
Steel - Foretress
Poison - Gengar
Ghost - Mismagius
Ice - Weavile
Bug - Butterfree = Heracross
Rock - Tyranitar
Ground - Hippowdon
Dragon - Garchomp = Rayquaza
Fairy - Gardevoir
"Welcome to the Next Level."
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