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What MC will you play as

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3 years ago#11
Male, but I'll name him whatever the Pokemon Special manga calls him. It's how I've always done it since gen 1 when I found out Blue was originally Green.
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3 years ago#12
I wonder if the male players planning to play as the female are the same males who are complaining fairy type is too girly.
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3 years ago#13

I would pick the girl even if I was a dude, because the boy's design is just terrible. I don't even care that we can accessorize them.
3 years ago#14
Male. I only play as a female character if there's unique content or story elements you can only see by playing as such (ex: the female Avatar's interactions and proposals in FE:A). Well, there has been the odd occasion I reloaded Sapphire as a female character, but that was just to get starters I didn't have on Emerald.
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3 years ago#15
Female. I like her design too much to pass her up. The guy just looks boring -_-

Character customization just might change my mind, but unless I can change his hairstyle and clothes, which I highly doubt will be possible, I'm strapping on the heels and going drag queen again this gen.
3 years ago#16
Depends on gender-exclusives, like Yancy/Curtis' trades in B2W2.
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