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I too shall post all my Pokemon ideas- well, the ones I made sprites for, anyway

#1Missingno_MastrPosted 6/14/2013 5:23:59 PM

Pantern- a Normal type. A pre-evolution for the elemental monkeys. Evolves when it levels up while holding the Gem of the appropriate type (Grass Gem = Pansage and so forth).

Scarechop- a Water/Ghost type. The Scalchop of a deceased Oshawott, possessed by the spirit of aforementioned Oshawott. I know the url implies the name is Spectchop, but that was more or less a rough idea for the name.

Hakking- a Poison type. Pre-evolution for Koffing. Evolves into Koffing by leveling up with maximum happiness.

Vanilludge- an Ice/Fire type. Split evolution for Vanillish. Learns an exclusive Fire move called Fudge Burn, with the power of Flamethrower and the burn rate of Lava Plume.

Sludgeon- a Poison Eeveelution.

Cupidisc- a Water/Flying type. Evolves from Luvdisc. High Attack and Speed, learns moves like Quick Attack, Aqua Tail, Drill Peck, and Drill Run.

Flurrious- an Ice/Flying type. Evolves from Cryogonal. Ability is Snow Warning. Houses Cryogonal in its body and summons them to attack. Learns moves like Attack Order, Heal Order, Defend Order, and Night Daze.
#2smokinace829Posted 6/14/2013 5:28:33 PM(edited)
Sludegeon looks good with the koffing scarf thing.
Hakking looks like a baby koffing. PERFECT
The rest are good as well.
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#3RoobitysuPosted 6/14/2013 5:36:43 PM
I'd like some of those evolutions if, you know, they weren't just pre-existing sprites either just recolored or new parts added on.
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