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Worth Selling Black 2?

#1RapidFireAlPosted 6/15/2013 3:53:41 AM
I'm done w/ Black 2 at this point and haven't played it in months -- don't plan to either since I'm gearing up for X/Y. Is there any advantage to keeping Black 2 at this point though? Can I transfer old saves or pokemon over?

#2Nightstar1994Posted 6/15/2013 3:54:40 AM
Transferring old Pokemon as it's 100% confirmed.

Only nubz will say it isn't.
#3beebarbPosted 6/15/2013 3:55:10 AM
You'd best keep Black 2, as they are saying they are working on the transfer feature.
Looking forward to Pokemon X and Y.
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#4RapidFireAl(Topic Creator)Posted 6/15/2013 3:57:19 AM
Ah. Will do then. Thanks for the info.
#5DoctorApolloPosted 6/15/2013 3:59:01 AM
What you do is transfer all the pokemon to a reliable friend's file, and then transfer them back to your new game when you get it.

That's if you dont want black 2 anymore and only dont want to lose the pokemon.