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Anyone else wish they could've thought up a better name than "Fairy Type"?

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3 years ago#71
I'm used to Fairy from playing Yu-Gi-Oh, I have no problem with the name in Pokémon.
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3 years ago#72
3 years ago#73
We're playing a game for children, why does it matter if it's called Fairy Type.
3 years ago#74
I have no problem at all with the name. I like it a lot. In fact, I like it more than 'magic' or 'cosmic'. The first sounds wishy-washy and too similar to psychic while the second sounds like a lame cop-out.
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3 years ago#75
I'm fine with fairy type. I only hope they add in some Irish Style Faries, I'm thinking those would probably end up being Fairy/Ghost types.
3 years ago#76
Hierarchy225 posted...

Though Celestial type would have been interesting.

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3 years ago#77
Lexifox posted...
I believe the Fairy type isn't "Yousei" in Japanese, but actually "Fairy". Like, it's spelled "Fa-e-ri" and not a Japanese word for the type.

Looking into it, it appears you're right. In any case, it was even less likely that the type would have been called anything BUT Fairy...
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3 years ago#78
MaplesGrandGM posted...
Mephilas posted...
Rioken posted...
TherianReturns posted...
Holy type

Religious connotations would never fly.

Yet something that's on a borderline to insulting a certain group of people will.....

Really? REALLY?!

Know what you're talking about before you bother to say anything. Fairy isn't even an insult for the most part to that "certain group of people." There's actually people who are more feminine, that the word is used to describe, not as an insult. Not to even mention CONTEXT.

On top of that, who the f*** cares. They can't take all our words, and make them theirs. It's bad enough religious people do that crap, why we should let a people who happen to be "gay" make us feel like we can use rainbows without representing them, or like we can't use the term Fairy for fear of insulting them? That's ridiculous, why do you exist? Ignorant pestilence. Seriously, I wish some people would just vanish.

Seriously. Learn how to type correct sentences. And stop . If people were smart, they would use words like fairy or gay to insult. They have the right to spaz till people use those terms correctly.
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3 years ago#79
I think Fairy is a good name. Fairies don't have to be all cute and stuff.
3 years ago#80
Now see, when I hear the word Fairy, MY mind immediately goes to Fairy Tail, so I'm nothing but hyped for it!
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  3. Anyone else wish they could've thought up a better name than "Fairy Type"?

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