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Think we'll see more new features before October?

#1TastyKittyMMMMPosted 6/16/2013 2:00:06 AM
I don't follow Pokemon pre release so I wouldn't there any chance we'll see more new stuff outside of PSS and sky/horde battles? Would be pretty cool if this game keeps shaking up the formula in unexpected ways. All the new changes so far are exciting.
#2TastyKittyMMMM(Topic Creator)Posted 6/16/2013 8:18:16 AM
#3SakurafanboyPosted 6/16/2013 8:19:06 AM
Very likely.
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#4Nightstar1994Posted 6/16/2013 8:25:40 AM
You will be able to ride Arceus
#5NextgrandcrossPosted 6/16/2013 8:26:48 AM
Most likely indeed,

keep tabs on Pokebeach, Serebii and the CoroCoro Magazines, plus whatever new videos they post.

I'm hoping the VS. Seeker will return as that was the one thing from HG/SS I wanted them to put back in the 5th Generation, but they messed that up.......TWICE.
#6TastyKittyMMMM(Topic Creator)Posted 6/16/2013 9:25:22 PM