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Out of the revealed main characters who do you most want to see on the show

#1pkmnpkmnPosted 6/16/2013 6:51:54 PM
Inb4 I don't watch the show
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#2Hughs_RagePosted 6/16/2013 6:52:22 PM
the fat dancer guy
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#3leadinteaPosted 6/16/2013 6:53:12 PM
Shauna, though she seems to be too much like Bianca.
#4FuneralCakePosted 6/16/2013 6:54:34 PM
shauna cuz shes so hot, i loooooooov her legs!

Honestly though, probably Trevor. Tierno looks kinda dumb with that haircut, and Shauna just... is Shauna.

Even though Alexa doesn't seem like she'll be a "main character," I'd rather see her than any of the other three, though. And ditch Ash. And any of the other old characters.