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Think of a Poke,a hero, the last boss you faced, and a song before opening this

#61GX1997Posted 6/17/2013 6:13:10 PM
Bongo Bongo is commanding Ninetails to fight Link while "One-Winged Angel" plays in the background.This is odd...
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#62ytrewq234Posted 6/17/2013 6:26:41 PM
Tom Nook (Get it, boss? Because he's a real BOSS? Heh...) orders Swadloon to battle Signor Benedick... to Cameo Lover by Kimbra.
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#63Meta289Posted 6/17/2013 8:33:44 PM
Elecman is commanding Meganium to fight Link, with Octopus's Garden playing in the background.
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#64Mudkip_in_SpacePosted 6/17/2013 9:04:27 PM
Cragma is making Flabebe fight Spider-Man while Midna's Lament plays.
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#65MelkacPosted 6/17/2013 10:12:38 PM
Igos du Ikana is commanding Infernape to battle Link while listening to N's goodbye...?

#66Chaos_ColonelPosted 6/17/2013 10:51:32 PM
Ganon sends Mawile to fight Commander Shepard to the tune of Through the Fire and Flames.