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Have you guys ever heard of PMD-Explorers? (no, not the games >_>)

#1MelkacPosted 6/17/2013 9:48:07 PM(edited)

Holy cow, this is the best PMD-related ("related") thing EVER made!
And, in my humble opinion, the best story of any pokémon-related ("relathing)...thing. Period (even the GM's [and helpers'] art is fantastic, and the music of the most recent epilogues/prologues are all very fitting and...well, fantastic, too!)

If you have time, at least watch Lethe Wept (the second link. It's a flash-video-thingy, no biggie)'s pretty long lol, but oh geez, is it entertaining, specially if you enjoy these kind of things.

Also, if you like foreshadowing, you'll love the entire thing (needless to say, you'll have to start watching from Mission 1...that is gonna take a while...)