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Think of a non Pokemon Video game character

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2 years ago#11
Jade Curtiss

His theme, of course, is Trolling.

Jirachi (ParaFlinch)
Hydreigon (His single serious poke that is pulled out whenever the situation requires it. So like, 10% of his actual series' installment).
2 years ago#12
Shulk from Xenoblade

Psychic I guess, it's hard to say more than that without spoiling a fantastic game >_>

Gallade, Justified
Psycho Cut
Close Combat
Shadow Sneak (Shulk's main damage move is a backslash, it fits)
Swords Dance

Xatu, Magic Bounce
Giga Drain

Espeon, Magic Bounce
Shadow Ball
Calm Mind
Baton Pass

Medicham, Pure Power
Psycho Cut
Hi Jump Kick
Bullet Punch

Bisharp, Defiant
Iron Head
Night Slash
Low Kick
Psycho Cut

Absol, Super Luck
Psycho Cut
Sucker Punch
Swords Dance

If we go by end-of-story Shulk and fitting the party a bit more...

Arceus, Multitype
Swords Dance

Metagross, Clear Body
Meteor Mash
Bullet Punch

Aggron, Sturdy
Metal Burst
Iron Head
Stone Edge

Gallade, Justified
Psycho Cut
Close Combat
Leaf Blade
Swords Dance

Gardevoir, Trace
*whatever her best Fairy move winds up*
Calm Mind

Kingdra, Sniper
Clear Smog
Dragon Pulse


Skymin, Serene Grace
Leech Seed
Air Slash
Seed Flare

'Success rates are but scientific theory. A brave heart will defy any odds!'
'Don't beg for things, do it yourself or else you won't get anything.'
2 years ago#13

Graveidor(I spelled that wrong >_<)
Another Gallade
Chatot(music, close enough)
Official Hydreigon of the Pokemon X/Y boards!
"I'm a girl, btw."-TherianReturns
2 years ago#14
Owain from FE:A! Omg!

I can see him having..
Meloetta (he's theatrical and she's a performer)
Scyther/Kabutops (with his sword hands lol)
Empoleon (very prideful)
Gliscor (idk why, but I can see it)
Mawile (since he covers his face all the time)
Infernape (I fell they'll along well)
~KPop is the only great Pop <3~
~BlackJack, VIP, Be2ty, Kamilia~
2 years ago#15
Cloud Strife!

Just... cool Pokémon. Bad@$$ Pokémon. Pokémon so cool that they have not even been invented yet.

And they would all be shiny.
2 years ago#16
SgtCashmere posted...
Cloud Strife!

Just... cool Pokémon. Bad@$$ Pokémon. Pokémon so cool that they have not even been invented yet.

And they would all be shiny.

...:/ You just lost 100 points.
2 years ago#17
I thought of Steve?.

...Marowak, Octillery, Hydreigon, Exeggutor, Emboar, Miltank... I dunno.
"Murder of the living is tragic, but murder of the idea is unforgivable." - Janus, speaker of the synod
2 years ago#18
Samus Aran
Type: electric/steel/fighting
1. Magneton (eviolite) sturdy, thunderbolt, flash cannon, metal sound, magnet rise
2. Lucario (white herb) inner focus, close combat, iron tail, work up, aura sphere
3. Bisharp (focus sash) defiant, sucker punch, hone claws, stone edge, night slash
4. Electivire (damp rock) vital spirit, rain dance, thunder, light screen, psychic
5. Lanturn (leftovers) volt absorb, surf, thunder, reflect, volt switch
6. Pikachu (light ball) static, agility, iron tail, volt tackle, electro ball

types are based on her appearance, lucario and pikachu especially because of SSBB. i know competitively they might suck but remember its in-game.
Xerneas, the gay-pride Pokemon
2 years ago#19
Would have scyther, Ninjask, Umbreon, Roserade, Accelgor and Shedinja.
There is completely no reason that exists why sigilyph is not OU.
Official Shadow Zangoose of the X board!
2 years ago#20
Julia Chang

Theme: Grass/Ground

Venusaur, Ludicolo, Exeggutor, Nidoqueen, Hippowdon, Leafeon.
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