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T/F - Did you cry when you first saw Pokemon: The First Movie?

#1MyNameIsNotJenPosted 6/18/2013 1:36:19 PM
You know when Ash turned into stone, all the Pokemon crying, Meowth's wise words of wisdom, Pikachu not willing to fight back?
Did you?
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#2nro87Posted 6/18/2013 1:37:10 PM
Duh. Anybody who says no either hasn't seen it or has no soul.
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#3Half-GhostPosted 6/18/2013 1:37:28 PM

I don't think a movie/game has ever made me cry before. I've come pretty close to it, but tears never dropped.
#4ScaredofzombiesPosted 6/18/2013 1:37:57 PM
Wh-W-why would you bring that up... T-T
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#5pokemonfreak97Posted 6/18/2013 1:38:58 PM
Probably. Was a long time ago.
nuskooI posted...
You nooblet mainstreamers and your reverse nostalgia.
#6Defender31415Posted 6/18/2013 1:39:17 PM
Not the first time, but I cried one time when I rewatched it. The prologue in the Japanese version is even sadder than that scene...
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#7ryudin89Posted 6/18/2013 1:39:47 PM
Yeah. Now I don't after realizing how stupid and over-dramatic it is.
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#8BountyanPosted 6/18/2013 1:40:35 PM
I don't think any movie has ever made me cry.
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#9acerola-orionPosted 6/18/2013 1:40:59 PM
No, because I was a kid and I only watched Pokemon for all the cool fighting scenes.

If I hadn't seen it before and watched it now, I probably would. lol.
#10vchu8Posted 6/18/2013 1:42:04 PM
T. Yeah, I cried, but I was also like 5 at the time. The scene doesn't really work that well in hindsight, but that doesn't matter when you're a kid who couldn't care less.