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Funny idea for a team?

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3 years ago#1
I had an idea for a team that, while not necessarily being good, could be hilarious to use if you are good at predicting and your opponent isn't the best around.

Use any Ghost type and any Dark type, making sure one of those is also a Flying type or has Levitate (Gengar, Drifblim, Mandibuzz, Honchkrow, whatever). Then for the other four, use someone with Sap Sipper, someone with Water Absorb or equivilent immune to Water ability, someone with Flash Fire or other immune to Fire ability and someone with Volt Absorb or other immune to Electric ability.

Throughout your team you would have outright immunities to Normal, Fighting, Psychic, Ground, Grass, Water, Electric and Fire. Now if you can predict your opponent well enough, you could just keep switching in whichever pokemon is going to be immune to their next attack and just keep doing that until your opponent gets annoyed and rages.

Would be lols I think.
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3 years ago#2
You could also maybe make Dark/Ghost one pokemon, and use Flying/Steel or Flying/Poison to be immune to Poison and/or Toxic aswell, if you really want.
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3 years ago#3
Not to mention Steel offers Dragon resistance.
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3 years ago#4
Well, if you have Sawsbuck, Drifblim, Heatran, Jolteon, Honchkrow, and Air Balloon Rotom-Fan, you have a Ghost immunity, a Grass immunity, a Fighting immunity, a Normal immunity, a Fire immunity, a Poison immunity, an Electric immunity, a Psychic immunity, and 5 Ground immunities, three of which are on the same Pokemon!
nuskooI posted...
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3 years ago#5
Off the top of my head, something like:

Prankster Sableye (immune to Normal, Fighting, Psychic)
Dry Skin Toxicroak (immune to Water, Toxic)
Flash Fire Heatran (immune to Fire, Poison, resistant to Dragon)
Sap Sipper Bouffalant (immune to Grass)
Volt Absorb Jolteon (immune to Electric)
Anything Flying/Normal (immune to Ground and Ghost)
Pokemon Black 2 FC: 1679-1616-3854
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