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Toughest Fifth Gym Leader

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3 years ago#1
Protect + Slaking= Lulz - Results (179 votes)
6.7% (12 votes)
7.26% (13 votes)
56.98% (102 votes)
Wake, Platinum
7.82% (14 votes)
Fantina, Diamond and Pearl
5.59% (10 votes)
Clay BW
5.03% (9 votes)
Clay B2W2
10.61% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I always wondered how Koga become an elite...
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3 years ago#2
Most of these gym leaders were easy... so probably wake.
3 years ago#3

Without a doubt Norman
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3 years ago#4
Norman. He gets one hit off one of his Slaking and you're dead. Also that Vigoroth.
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3 years ago#5
There is completely no reason that exists why sigilyph is not OU.
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3 years ago#6

Every other answer is wrong.
University of Tennessee Alumni
3 years ago#7
Norman and his Uber Slaking. Catch an Aron and abuse Protect, it's your only hope, if you're lazy enough to go there underleved.
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- Bruno Aleixo
3 years ago#8
Maybe it was just the fact that i chose blaziken but i got passed Norman originally no problem.
3 years ago#9
Dad, why won't you go easy on me? ;_;
Official Wyvern Lord of the Awakening Board
3 years ago#10
Dat Excalirill
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