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Toughest Fifth Gym Leader

#11Missingno_MastrPosted 6/19/2013 4:57:40 PM
Norman. Once I figured out I could make use of Pelipper's Protect to wear down one of the Slaking, I did all right, but that Vigoroth... I only won because of my Wynaut's Destiny Bond attack, while I still had a Nuzleaf alive. I remember, not long after that, Wynaut evolved into Wobbuffet, and then she went on to lay the Egg which hatched into the Wynaut I have today...

Ahem. But yeah, Norman, no question.
#12360pagesPosted 6/19/2013 5:34:00 PM
Norman, because someone thought it was funny to give him to slakings, you might just be getting your stater fully evolved at the time of the battle, and even then they will be knocked aside without much problem.

Easily one of the hardest fights in the game, which it should be since it's you dad.
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#13JarickoPosted 6/19/2013 6:10:23 PM
zane0144 posted...
Dat Excalirill

Excadrill outside of sandstorm is easily disposed of...
#14leadinteaPosted 6/19/2013 8:39:52 PM
I don't remember Norman's fight being particularly hard for me, but Chuck caused me some major problems.