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the strongest ash

#41MaurithPosted 6/22/2013 6:06:12 AM
+1 Sinnoh. Eaaaaaasily. I can only echo what others have said in that he is by far at his most strategic, skilled, and competent period here. As someone else said, he was theoretically 2nd place in the league, as he was the only person who could even knock out 1 of Tobias's Pokémon (and he took down a 2nd with his last Pokémon!). While I do think there was a huge and unrealistic sense of plot armor in the amount of beating Infernape took in the battle with Paul (come on, it was still poisoned from Drapion, the fight with Electivire goes on forever and ends with a massive Flare Blitz...) I can totally let it slide because the drama was immense. Best battle in the entire series.
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