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Another fantastic idea just hit me, a pokemon breeding/farming game

#11dwdwdw6Posted 6/25/2013 11:19:26 PM
Harvest Mon
#12Roc_RaidaPosted 6/25/2013 11:24:03 PM
TC is always warned or purged. Like get banned already. -_-
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#13ShariadarowPosted 6/26/2013 1:23:13 AM
If anyone has ever played Sonic Adventure 1/2, think of the Chao Garden. If such a thing were to exist, I could see it being a more fleshed out version of that sort of system.

However, that being said, with over 649 pokemon, I don't see it happening, not without severe limitations on which ones would be in it. Furthermore, one of the main appeals of this sort of system, as you mentioned, is hybridization, and by proxy, customization, that's why people liked the concept behind the Chao Garden. Even if we were to ignore the sheer number of pokemon they'd need to code in to hybridize, the fact is hybridization doesn't exist in pokemon, the closest we have to it is inheriting natures, moves and the like.

For this sort of thing, it'd really be better as a standalone, or being based off of a different franchise.