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What should be supereffective against fairy?

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2 years ago#31
Poison and Steel.
2 years ago#32
Another vote for Poison and Steel. Fairies are very close to nature. Pollutants destroy nature and ruin their stuff. Yes, I've watched Ferngully. That helps too.

Iron are Fairies' biggest weakness in mythology. Also, machines and technological progress ruins their stuff too.

Fighting beating Fairy doesn't make sense. Punching a Fairy never works in fiction. You had to outsmart/trick them.
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2 years ago#33
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2 years ago#34
Steel definitely; from what this board has said, "cold iron" is a common weakness of fairies and fairy-like things in mythology; since iron isn't a Pokemon type, Steel will have to do. MAYBE Ice as well, but I'd prefer it if Ice resisted Fairy, just for balance purposes.
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2 years ago#35
Poison, Grass, Dark, Flying

It should be resisted by Fire, Psychic, and Ice
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