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If they were selling Pokemon X/Y right now in exchange for a single body part?

#61SgtCashmerePosted 6/23/2013 6:23:11 PM
I know this is a joke thread, but I'm not going to entertain the idea that a video game is worth a body part. <_< That is a whole different level of unhealthy fandom that I am not willing to even think about.
#62TheWiseliestOnePosted 6/23/2013 11:31:12 PM
My appendix. It's not important anyway...right?
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#63jobacohuePosted 6/23/2013 11:35:11 PM
Nothing, I can wait until release.

If I had to pick one though it would be my left pinky. I smashed it in dodgeball one time and now it's permanently bent.
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#64SpikeTbearPosted 6/23/2013 11:41:15 PM
Hm, something I don't need to play the head!! Oh wait...
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#65TherianReturnsPosted 6/23/2013 11:54:02 PM
Appendix is the correct answer.
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#66MelkacPosted 6/24/2013 12:14:13 AM
kwando1313 posted...
I would give a lock of hair for it...

What? You said a body part.

#67pratypusPosted 6/24/2013 12:30:31 AM
my tonsils, or a testicle, or a pinky toe, two of those for an XL bundle.
#68FuneralCakePosted 6/24/2013 12:31:37 AM
I would give my brain or heart. Or maybe all my skin.
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