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My theory on the next Champion.

#21ivanhellsingPosted 6/23/2013 11:10:20 PM
paipr posted...
fedartz posted...
The Champion will eating pasta. Mark my word, he will.

love to see a fat champion. But a fat pasta eating champion. ...... with a stache...... named mario..... shutters. ....

wait that makes me think, and have never had a champion with facial hair!!! What gives GF?

It should be luigi because this is his year :D
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#22Chaos_MissilePosted 6/23/2013 11:41:57 PM
BrightStar7 posted...
Cynthia will be the new Champion. Turns out Kalos is actually her real home. GF can't leave their golden girl out of the action.

I...actually find that the most plausible.
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#23MelkacPosted 6/24/2013 12:02:19 AM
Ultima546 posted...
MetalShadow438 posted...
Iris is twerp.

Twerp is Gary/Blue.

No, that'd be Ash.