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If (and I mean if) Dragons lose their position as the dominant type due to fairy

#21Faust_8Posted 6/25/2013 7:41:24 AM
Water itself isn't broken I'd say, just Drizzle and/or rain.

Water itself would be broken if it had attacks like the Dragons...but even then, it still has 3 types that resist it (even if it one of them is itself) when compared to Dragon's 1. And Water doesn't resist much.

Water is very good but I wouldn't say it's OP. It's not as good as Dragon which is OP but most people don't say Dragon is overwhelmingly OP.

It's just one of the best types, pretty much. The main reason we see so many Water types is they're abusing Drizzle. Without that, there would usually just be one Water type on most teams. But because of Drizzle we're so many Water-centric teams.
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#22MrMadMoxxiPosted 6/25/2013 7:54:48 AM
I have the feeling that a "Sound" type will emerge and take the stage.. Then again maybe Dark type could take it... I dunno though. Maybe if they buffed Dark and Ghost types like by possibly giving them a new status condition they can inflict like let's say they could make the target frightened and it could be like Paralysis but without reducing the speed stat.