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What are your favourite types?

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3 years ago#11
Oh and Steel and Electric are pretty cool too.
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3 years ago#12
1. Grass
2. Electric
3. Ghost
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3 years ago#13
1.) Ground
2.) Fighting
3.) Rock
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3 years ago#14
1. Dragon
2. Steel
3. Fire
3 years ago#15
1) Ice
2) Steel
3) Dragon
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3 years ago#16
1: Poison
2: Ghost
3: Normal
3 years ago#17
...I guess? I don't really have any favorite types.
3 years ago#18

And yes, I do like the Unova legendary Dragons. And yes, I am very, very unoriginal.
3 years ago#19
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3 years ago#20
Dragon, Psychic, and Bug
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