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What are your favourite types?

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3 years ago#41
1. Ghost
2. Poison
3. Water
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3 years ago#42
1. Dark
2. Fire
3. Water
4. Fairy

I like Dark for what it represents: fighting dirty and shadowy tactics. Fire is second because I always pick the Fire starter. Water is third because Surf is my favorite move and I always have a Water Pokémon in my team; I also always pick the Water starter when playing enhanced versions and sequels. Fairy is fourth (it may change once I start playing the game and see the full list of Fairy Pokémon) because I'm a fan of supernatural and mythological creatures.
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3 years ago#43
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3 years ago#44
R-truth Used Somersault Senton!
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3 years ago#45
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3 years ago#46
1) Type that can cook my meal
2) Type that make me thirsty
3) Type that can charge my phone anywhere I go
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3 years ago#47
Xerneas is Psychic/Rock, Yveltal Dark/Flying (speculation)
3 years ago#48
1. Flying
2. Dark
3. Fire
3 years ago#49
1. Dark
2. Ghost
3. Psychic
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3 years ago#50
Probably Water, Poison and Ghost, in that order. Not any more likely to use Pokémon of those types though.
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