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Create your own signature pokemon

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3 years ago#11
Alternate Pikachu Evolution



Ability: Rock Head

BST: 600

HP: 90
Attack: 200
Defense: 150
S.Attack: 5
S.Defense: 150
Speed: 5

Volt Tackle
Flare Blitz
Head Smash
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3 years ago#12
Name: Dreadnight (Dread + Knight + Night + Dreadnaught)
Type: Ghost/Steel
Shadow Knight Pokemon
Ability 1: Spectral Rise (Pretty much levitate, except for your whole team)
Gender Ratio: No gender
Sword: 1.5m
Weight: 100kg
Base Stats: total 600
HP 80 Attack 140 Defense 100 Special Attack 70 Special defence 90 Speed 120

A ghost knight rumoured to be as powerful as a legendary. It is able to speak and understand human language.

This shadowy knight uses its deadly blade to strike down any entity that opposes him. It is able to summon spirits from the underworld to assist it.

Appearance: a full set of 16th Century Plate Armour in purple mist wielding a purple glowing 2-handed sword of spectral energy.

Found: Evolve from Armourtal at level 70

Lv1: Fire Punch
Lv1: Ice Punch
Lv1: Thunderpunch
Lv1: Slash
Lv1: Screech
Lv1: metal claw
Lv1: Iron Defence
Lv1: Faint attack
Lv1: Will-o-wisp
Lv18: Confuse ray
Lv26: Shadow Punch
Lv30: Swords Dance
Lv34: Iron head
Lv39: Night Slash
Lv42: Shadow Claw
Lv46: Black Miasma
Lv55: Meteor Mash
Lv60: Dragon Slayer
Lv66: Armour Crush
Lv74: Soul Blade
Physical Ghost type, 5PP, 120 power. Always hits, passes through protect, detect and substitute User sacrifices 1/5 of max hp to perform the attack.
Lv 80: Giga Saber
Steel-type slash, power 40, PP5, 90acc
Hits 2 times, each hit raises user attack.
3 years ago#13
Type: Ground/Steel
Battle Armor
Gender ratio: 50% male, 50% female.
Total: 550
HP: 150
ATK: 150
DEF: 150
SPE: 30

Evolves from Donphan by leveling up while holding the metal coat.

In-game challenge:
Level: 40
Ability: Battle Armor
Gender: Male
Body Slam
Iron head
Rock Slide

Post-game rematch:
Level 75
Ability: Battle Armor
Gender: Male
Iron head
Meteor Mash
Ancient power
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3 years ago#14
Type: Dragon/Flying
Hyper Cutter
Arena Trap
Gender Ratio: 50% Male/50% Female

HP: 100
Attack: 75
Special Attack: 125
Defense: 125
Special Defense: 75
Speed: 100

The strange Dragon type is said to originate from a distant planet. It's sharp angular features make it stand out (It looks like Ridley from Metroid).
Evolves from Zebling at Lvl. 32 (Zebes+Hatching), Evolves to Zeborobus (Dragon/Flying) at Lvl. 50 normally (Larger version of Zebeos), Zebanium (Dragon/Steel) when traded while holding Metal Coat (Meta Ridley), and Zebrruption (Dragon/Dark) when Phazon Stone is used on it (Omega Ridley). All these evolved forms share a unique move called Tail Sweep.

Special move:
Tail Sweep
Power: 55
Accuracy: 85
PP: 20
Swing in a full circle, hitting all foes with tail 2-5 times in a single turn.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 lbs

In game battle version:

Level: 40
Item: Dragon Claw
Ability: Arena Trap
Gender: Male

Tail Slap
Dragon Pulse
Dragon Rush

Post Game Rematch:
(You get to select which evolved form you fight, based off a question)
Item(All Versions): Dragon Claw
Ability(All Versions): Arena Trap
Gender(All Versions): Male

Moves (Zeborobus):
Dragon Rush
Tail Sweep

Moves (Zebainum):
Heavy Slam
Tail Sweep

Moves (Zebrruption):
Sucker Punch
Tail Sweep
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3 years ago#15


Ability: status heal... Being poisioned, burnt, frozen, or Paralyzed heals your HP

HP: 100
ATT: 5
Def: 160
SDef: 160
Speed: 120

Moves By level up

1- Bounce
1- withdrawal
1-Poison Gas
5- Smog
8- Poison Gas
12- Coil
16- Roll Out
22- Gastro Acid
25- Acid Armor
30- Steam Roller
34- Hex
40- Bounce
44- Haze
47- Moon Bounce (fairy move with power of 15 and pp of 25... 70% of confusing target)
52- Ice Ball
55- Weather Ball
60- Toxic

(Cannot learn any entry Hazards, addititional normal moves, or Dragon Moves)
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3 years ago#16
I'd be strange to encounter this pokemon in a flying gym, but

Lethumis (from Lethal and Vermis)
Based on the Mongolian Death Worm, evolves from a cutesy earthworm


Ability: Levitate

Movepool (for my fight)
Sludge Bomb
Discharge (makes sense if you read about the Death Worm)
Poison Fang

Rematch Movepool
Sludge Bomb
Aerial Ace
Gamefreak better add a feature that can topple this fairy type.
3 years ago#17
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3 years ago#18
Wind Eagle Pokemon
Ability: Breeze Over (Unaware with a different name)
HP- 70
Atk- 85
Def- 70
Sp.A- 95
Sp.D- 70
Speed- 110
BST: 500

moveset ingame:
-Rain Dance
-Focus Blast (which has had its accuracy bumped up to 85%)
-Icy Wind (will explain)

basically, it's an eagle which is heavily influenced in wind (hence pure Flying). It can learn all wind-related moves, all moves with wind in the name etc....
3 years ago#19
One is boring so here we go :p

Type: Fire/Fairy
Flame Body
Flash Fire
Sheer Force
Gender ratio: 50% male, 50% female.
Total: 550
HP: 70
ATK: 110
DEF: 75
SATK: 85
SDEF: 85
SPE: 125

Evolves from Rapidash while leveling near Fairy's Falls within Fairy's Forest.

In-game challenge:
Level: 41
Ability: Flame Body
Gender: Male
Wild Charge
Moon Blast
Flame Charge

Post-game rematch:
Level 70
Ability: Flame Body
Gender: Male
Flare Blitz
Brave Bird
Dragon Rush
Moon Power (Fairy Type Move that deals damage and feeds half the dealt damage to the user, 60 BP Physical)

Type: Flying/Fighting
Gender ratio: 50% male, 50% female.
Total: 550
HP: 60
ATK: 150
DEF: 80
SATK: 65
SDEF: 75
SPE: 120

Evolves from Farfetch'D while holding a Badge of Courage.

In-game challenge:
Level: 40
Ability: Defiant
Gender: Male
Hi Jump Kick
Aerial Ace
Razor Blade (Steel type Slash move, high crit ratio)
Swords Dance

Post-game rematch:
Level 70
Ability: Defiant
Gender: Male
Close Combat
Brave Bird
Dual Chop
Night Slash
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