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Skip BW2 or try to plow through...

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User Info: usdmike181

3 years ago#1
Hey everyone,

I played the heck out of B/W (over 300 hours between both carts) but I put the games down and didn't get BW2 when they came out.

With X/Y coming out I'm trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and get B2 and play through it, or to spend my time improving my pokedex in B/W with the hopes of transferring pokemon to the 3ds generation.

The way I see it, I have more than enough to do in the B/W originals with training, battle subway, trading, breeding, etc., but I am just wondering if B2 is worth it for the short time we have before X/Y.

Obviously I am assuming that I will be able to transfer pokemon for B/W to X/Y. If they announce that transfers can only happen with BW2 then that would be a no brainer.
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User Info: deevo117

3 years ago#2
It's summertime. We've got a few months, I don't see why you shouldn't pick up a copy of BW2.

I didn't get my copy till around February or March of this year, and although I haven't pumped as much time into it as I could have, I did still relatively enjoy it. If anything it's a continuation of the story, and it's a cheaper game that'll eat more time until the release of X & Y, if you compare it to a PS3/360/PC game.

Might as well pick it up, especially if you're a pokemon fan.
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User Info: Zabuzadono

3 years ago#3
I personally like BW2 better than BW, but it's up to you on whether you want to spend another $40 to get a game that likely won't offer too much extra for you to do aside from Hidden Grottos, Treehollow / Tower, etc...
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