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3DS special edition for Pokemon X and Y?

#1QuackOutLoudPosted 6/24/2013 9:59:19 PM
Does anybody know if there are plans or think they will have a special edition 3DS (probably and hopefully XL) for this game?
I want to buy the Animal Crossing: New Leaf edition, but if there is a chance that one is coming out for this game, l may just wait a bit.
#2FuneralCakePosted 6/24/2013 10:00:04 PM
Nobody knows yet.
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#3SirPiercePosted 6/25/2013 7:40:56 AM
Nobody knows. But I hope so. I would buy it in a heart beat.
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#4paiprPosted 6/25/2013 8:06:49 AM
I'm thinking of switching to a xl kinda holding out to see what the pokemon xy edition systems look like. Was gonna get the year of luigi xl but that turned out to be a big disappointment. Hopefully this end up better.
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#5TranquilSeaPosted 6/25/2013 8:10:46 AM
I'm waiting on this too. Ever since I saw the Charizard XL, I've been secretly hoping we'd get it.
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#6NewbieN00bPosted 6/25/2013 8:15:37 AM
I've been meaning to buy an XL, if they make a special XY edition I'd buy it.
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#7Serebii from SPPPosted 6/25/2013 8:33:42 AM
Nothing has been announced, but I would be surprised if there wasn't one
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#8matt-nicklinPosted 6/25/2013 10:34:01 AM
No news yet, but I think they might do, I mean they did with black and white, and with all these different 3ds skins they keep doing I don't see why not.
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#9edwardsharpePosted 6/25/2013 11:19:17 AM
Seeing as I am only buying a 3DS for Pokemon X, I'd be so down for a special edition 3DS. Hopefully an XL.
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#10EternalNetherPosted 6/25/2013 11:33:47 AM
The chances are pretty high. Limited editions are not that hard to make and they drive up 3DS sales. Not to mention that they sell like hotcakes. The PIkachu and Animal Crossing 3DS XL systems are both insanely expensive on sites like eBay now.

Then again, they might not. Or it might be japan only. It's too hard to say but I wish they'd announce it so I can preorder it. I already have an XL but want another one so that I have a backup, and so that I can properly trade between games.
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