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What's your favorite move?

#21RDS1Posted 6/27/2013 7:07:22 AM
I think probably Glaciate. Or maybe Relic Song, just because of what it does.

Weather Ball was pretty fun, too. And I've never tried using Perish Song competitively, but I like the idea of what it does.
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#22matt-nicklinPosted 6/27/2013 8:34:45 AM
Ice beam, f-you dragon.
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#23JustinTheJaggedPosted 6/27/2013 8:38:34 AM
Earthquake. I just really like it, for some reason.
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#24VenustraphobiaPosted 6/27/2013 10:01:34 AM
Focus Blast. It feels great when it hits.
#25Heropon_RikiPosted 6/27/2013 12:12:31 PM
Destiny Bond, because of how hard I laugh when it works.
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#26harle1012000Posted 6/27/2013 4:18:14 PM
Leech Seed, though any hazard entry is close. I love chipping away at teams.
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#27PsychoWolfXPosted 6/27/2013 4:24:11 PM
Shadow Claw? Leaf Storm? Metronome? Air slash? It's really hard to say v.v

Is there a dark beam type attack?
#28AuroraSonicBeamPosted 6/27/2013 4:26:51 PM
ssj4warrior posted...

love this guy
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#29Thepenguinking2Posted 6/27/2013 4:33:58 PM(edited)
Why? Because it's f***ing sketch, that's why!
Acupressure as a close second. I love acuspamming my maractus and owning all with Petal Dance.
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#30Zacks_FairPosted 6/27/2013 5:54:03 PM
Sacred Fire.

50% burn, baby!
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