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should ralts and kirlia become psychic/fairy too, or should it only be gardevoir

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Nah, the type should split depending on the evolutionary path you take. Like Snorunt, and Poliwhirl and everything else in the series.

snorunt is kinda not the best example. it works for both sides of the argument with one evo keeping the type of the the prevos and one getting a type change.

Glalie for Ice/Fairy? <.<

Glalie should have been Ice/Dark just by it's desigh, i mean just look at it, it embodies a face of a dark type XD.

I have always thought this.

On topic, pretty much what everyone else said. They should stay pure Psychic because then Gallade would make no sense. Being male only and evolving differently should have nothing to do with the type of its prevolutions.

and in theory it gaining a type (and possibly now changing a type) doesnt have to be effected by its prevos.
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also i wouldnt mind a little ret-con changing gardevoir to being the female only evo, and gallade being the male only evo, both requiring lvl 30 to evolve.

If they did that, it would literally be the stupidest decision game freak has ever made.
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I don't see the problem. Oddish, Gloom, and Vileplume are Grass/Poison but Bellossom is pure Grass.