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What starter are you choosing and why?

#41CakeOfLiesPosted 6/27/2013 11:18:34 AM
Right now, I say Froakie.
If Froakie's evo sucks, then I might choose Chespin.
If Chespin's evo sucks too, I'll flip a coin to choose between Froakie and Chespin.
I will probably never use Fennekin.
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#42JupiterpoohPosted 6/27/2013 11:18:51 AM
Chespin cuz hes duh best
#43bksonic123Posted 6/27/2013 11:29:05 AM
The green one.
#44gzr9kPosted 6/27/2013 11:30:29 AM
Chespin because grass is best. Well except for gen 2.
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#45el_tercer_poderPosted 6/27/2013 11:33:09 AM
AlI_About_The_U posted...
Chespin. Grass


Grass-type is my second favorite type (my first being Normal), so it's only "natural" that I always pick the Grass starter in all games.
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#46MajorasTimePosted 6/27/2013 11:36:25 AM
Chespin because I love grass type pokemon
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#47DantheSagePosted 6/27/2013 11:38:31 AM
Fennekin because I have always chosen the fire starter.
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#48Moocow123450Posted 6/27/2013 11:49:31 AM
Chespin because I always choose the grass starter.
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#49mimicmatterPosted 6/27/2013 11:50:47 AM
Froakie, as I always choose the Water starter
#50KamexPosted 6/27/2013 11:55:01 AM
Chespin. Fennekin looks cool, but so does Talonflame. Froakie is just ho-hum another frog pokemon so I'm not interested unless his final evo can bring something new to the table.
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