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Your first Shiny

#51Art_BuddyPosted 6/28/2013 10:54:10 AM
Shiny Raticate in Silver. Didn't have any Pokeballs...
Also didn't know what it was, so I went back to look for it lol
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#52garekmanPosted 6/28/2013 10:55:26 AM
My first and only Shiny:

Oddish in FireRed.
#53lanelazerbeamPosted 6/28/2013 11:01:12 AM(edited)

but after that, Golbat in Platinum
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#54ZeonicWarriorPosted 6/28/2013 11:28:55 AM
it was either in emerald I found a shuppet at mt pyre. Or it was in Heart Gold where I found a male nidoran
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#55Lilg2631Posted 6/28/2013 12:51:46 PM
Ghastly in Yellow. Didn't know what a shiny was until years later (Gold and Silver) cause of Gyarados.
Latest shiny is a Sawk with sturdy btw.
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#56Is_CorruptedPosted 6/28/2013 12:53:35 PM
My first shiny was a CTenshi and I loved it.
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#57werewolfymanPosted 6/28/2013 12:56:44 PM
A pidgey before you get pokeballs in Soulsilver. FML.

Red Gyarados otherwise.
#58SgtCashmerePosted 6/28/2013 12:58:24 PM
Red Gyarados. That is my only Shiny. ^_^"