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If you were a trainer in the Pokemon Anime...

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User Info: Aysander

3 years ago#21
So, in this topic, Ash loses no matter WHAT we use, right?

Then I'll use...


Now, if it's not a plot battle, I'd have to take him seriously, so I'd bring any combination of pokemon he NEVER beat in a plot battle. This means anything not used by 5 gens of gym leaders and random scrub trainers who stupidly challenged him off-screen before the episode started so....

Latias >:O

User Info: Zadios765

3 years ago#22
SlimeStack posted...
It doesn't matter what team I use. If the plot says Ash loses, he loses. So I'll use a single Togepi.

Well if that's the case I would choose magikarp...fear my mighty magikarp and his ferocious splash
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User Info: Noble-Heart

3 years ago#23
Marina because she's the anime counterpart of Kris.

My team

1. Mismagius
2. Feraligatr
3. Jigglypuff
4. Lilligant
5. Arcanine
6. Joltik
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User Info: Brave_Vesperia

3 years ago#24
Red Gyarados

Basically my ultimate party comprising of my favourite Pokemon used in past games.
Proud Vancouver Canucks fan.

User Info: EddMario

3 years ago#25
4 Dittos, a Castform, and a Shedinja just to f**k with him.
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User Info: LotusoftheLeaf

3 years ago#26
A mono-Fighting team consisting of Hitmonlee, Lucario, Gallade, Blaziken, Heracross, and Scrafty.
Rock Lee is best ninja.

User Info: themegaman7

3 years ago#27
Farfetch'd and Wigglytuff


- Throh
- Durant
- Nidoqueen
- Froslass
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