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Sceptile is my favorite pokemon.

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User Info: MagikarpRules

3 years ago#11
paipr posted...
sceptile kinda is, but is not longer is one of my favorites.

back in gen 3 i couldnt play without using sceptile. tried once or twice but always ended up resetting and starting off with treecko. at first i wasnt a huge fan of sceptile. i mean i loved treecko, and grovile got me really excited for what the stage three would be. i think i was expecting it to turning into a grass/flying type, i envisioned the line to end up as.... well think a very grass type archeops. but sceptile did grow on me (even though his tale is still weird to me)

then gen 4 kinda ruined him, i mark sceptile as one of the pokemon most hurt by the special/physical attack split. i think its a safe bet that most people that transferred their sceptile from gen 3 to four suddenly found that the 4 moves their sceptile had went from supporting the higher of its two attack stats to the lower of the two. it may be a special attacker, but its safe to say the moves it was built to use where physical.

gen 5 didnt fix this oversite. and since then i have found other grass types to love. sceptile will always be remembered fondly, but at the same time, he isnt what he once was, and honestly i will be very happy for the day that they "fix" him

I think some Pokémon got the shaft, but others got a good boost. Sceptile got the short end of the stick on this one. But others, like Gengar, got lucky.

User Info: paipr

3 years ago#12
ZTIger5 posted...
I love Sceptile, but he lost a lot of his awesomeness in Gen 4 when his high S.Att didn't support Leaf Blade anymore =/

or crunch, or dragon claw
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User Info: erekwashere15

3 years ago#13
Torterra > Sceptile
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User Info: GalladetheGreat

3 years ago#14
I like Grovyle better.
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User Info: tsunamisurfer08

3 years ago#15
SkylaIsMyWife posted...
gladwyn101 posted...
SkylaIsMyWife posted...
Mine sucked so i boxed it (modest nature)

Though it would've kicked *** in gen III with that nature.

Only in gen 3? Because there was no split yet?

But i think mines stats just suck. It got slayed by everything

Yeah, using Treecko or Grovyle was difficult. Everything seemed to KO it like it was nothing. Then I got to Sceptile with Dragon Claw and a couple other moves and it crushed everything.
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User Info: patsfan2312

3 years ago#16
Cool story bro, tell it again.
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