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your least favorite hm of this group

#1paiprPosted 6/30/2013 5:45:31 PM
whats your least favorite hm of this group? - Results (188 votes)
87.23% (164 votes)
7.98% (15 votes)
2.13% (4 votes)
2.66% (5 votes)
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and why?
am i the only person that wishes game faqs offered the option to cut peoples comments from your topics?
#2GalladetheGreatPosted 6/30/2013 5:46:03 PM
Cut, because it's the only one that sucks.
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#3FuneralCakePosted 6/30/2013 5:47:20 PM
GalladetheGreat posted...
Cut, because it's the only one that sucks.

Strength kind of does suck, but it's nowhere near as bad as Cut.
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#4CakeOfLiesPosted 6/30/2013 5:47:25 PM
GalladetheGreat posted...
Cut, because it's the only one that sucks.

*Colress's voice*: I agree.
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#5Ether_SwordPosted 6/30/2013 5:47:43 PM
Strength because the constant use in caves is annoying. At least with cut, it leads to a quick reward.
#6BolognaSammichPosted 6/30/2013 5:48:48 PM
I use Strength a lot as a filler move in games
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#7GoldenSWarriorsPosted 6/30/2013 5:51:06 PM
surf is the best because it's actually a really good move for battling

fly saves hours of traveling time but pretty useless for battling

strength is pretty useless for battling but some boulders need to be pushed I guess

cut is worthless trash for battling but trees need cutting
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#8TorchicBlazikenPosted 6/30/2013 5:59:58 PM
Strength has sucked just as much as Cut ever since TMs became reusable. Every Pokemon that can learn Strength can learn Return.
#9SgtCashmerePosted 6/30/2013 6:09:08 PM
Cut because it is weak sauce
#10Meta289Posted 6/30/2013 6:12:28 PM

At least Strength has some use as a filler move ingame.
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