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Ideas to help pokemon who are weak to SR.

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2 years ago#1
I have two ideas that could help out our buddies who have a 4x weakness to stealth rock.

First an item:
Hazzard Cloak
This item prevents any damage done by entry hazards and weather effects to the holder. It also prevents poisoning from toxic spikes.

Then an ability, since rapid spin is the only thing that gets rid of entry hazards, how bout this:

Air Burst
When this pokemon is sent out, all entry hazards are blown away.

I think these are fairly balanced since they msotly focus on protection against a niche area of moves, and can help out pokemon like charizard and volcarona to really shine.
2 years ago#2
How about a move that converts entry hazards into healers. But not too well distributed.
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2 years ago#3
Make it so that Stealth rock only recognises 2x weaknesses instead of 4x weaknesses as well.
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  3. Ideas to help pokemon who are weak to SR.

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