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I wonder what starter Serebii is picking

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3 years ago#21
Celebi and Chespin.
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3 years ago#22
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3 years ago#23
He picked Oshawott in B/W i think.
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3 years ago#24
All :)

The way I do things allows me to get each

Site Copy (English or Japanese) - First version (Diamond, HeartGold, Black, X etc.)
Japanese copy - Second Version (Pearl, SoulSilver, White, Y etc)- For fun
English copy - First version - For fun

It allows me to completely cover the games, have everything active for specific events for different regions and still enjoy the game as a consumer after covering the game, with completely different teams in each one. I try to use Pokémon I have never used before with each Pokémon game

I'm unsure who I'll choose first this time, may just roll a dice and decide from there when I begin!

spooky96 posted...
So serebii is fully controlled by one person only? Woah.

Essentially, yes. I have a team who deal with the Pokémon of the Week, and Coronis does the manga section. However, other than that, it's almost entirely me. I get aid on the odd occasion when re-doing an old section, or in special circumstances such as with jayman7 and his AR Markers, but when it comes to game coverage and news coverage, it's all me.
Serebii from the amazing
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