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Gamefaqs Favorite Generation 1 Pokemon, Round 2 Battle 62: Psyduck vs Graveler

#1Samp98518Posted 7/2/2013 7:07:36 PM(edited)
Psyduck or Graveler? - Results (18 votes)
66.67% (12 votes)
33.33% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Yesterday's Results:
Ninetales 15, Cloyster 10
Metapod 4, Omastar 12

Other Match: Fearow vs Mewtwo ( )

Tomorrow's Matches: Oddish vs Seel
Charmeleon vs Scyther (First of Losers Bracket)

Not much of an opinion on either of these guys, but I guess Psyduck. Graveler is too bulky, although that is to be expected form a rock.
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#2Great_ReapettePosted 7/2/2013 7:17:07 PM
*Wild Shiny Graveler*

Graveler used Selfdestruct!
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