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Nicknames for Monorpale?

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3 years ago#61
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3 years ago#62
3 years ago#63
Excalipoor if it learns False Swipe. Balmung or Hymir(as in Hymir's Finger from Drakengard)
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3 years ago#64

Yeah, I think I just won this thread.
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3 years ago#65
slothica posted...
GRTooCool posted...
It won't fit... but "Star Dragon Sword"

"What?! If I don't thump enemies hard enough, they won't go down! It's your fault!"

Crap, I forgot to look at this topic since my last post. But I just wanna say... HELL YEAH!!
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3 years ago#66
I really like Staboo too, shout out to whoever came up with that :D
3 years ago#67
RaidenHero posted...
I am going to call it Falchion..after Chrom and Marth's sword in Fire Emblem

This will be me, too.
3 years ago#68
Pork, Wakizishi (spelling?), Pratfall, Boofurcate
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3 years ago#69
Well, Caliburn is the Sword in the Stone in some versions of the Arthurian mythology; in all those versions, Excalibur is a separate sword given to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake.

Also, to get all obvious sword names I can think of out of the way (one is a spoiler for Zelda:SS):

Excalibur, Masamune, Ghirahim, ANYTHING related to the Master Sword, the Four Sword, or any other Zelda sword, whatever the Kirby Sword creature is called, any character in any mythology or video game that wields a sword called Excalibur or Masamune.
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