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Monorpale will evolve

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3 years ago#21
GallantChaddymn posted...
You're welcome Sir Yupsta the commendable

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3 years ago#22
Kinda gives me the Legendary but only kinda vibe so possibly not. I know i want it though. I like steel types.
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3 years ago#23
radred2004 posted...
It's a Greek prefix:

Which likely means the prefix spread to other languages afterward (French, Spanish, English). Thus, the name including "mono" is rather a standard meaning "one."

Now the only question is: Is it still "mono" if it's "monor"?

In any case, if the name is indicative of "mono," I see it evolving, since "mono" universally means "one."

It's mono. My theory is that the second word is the adjective "vorpale", which in french means "sharp" and is only used (mostly in roleplays) to describe weapons.
3 years ago#24
FR "Monorpale" lit. 'Mono' - one
JP "Hitotsuki" lit. 'Hitotsu' - one

It'll evolve alright...
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