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random question, what was your first competitive team ever?

#11eclipse_exePosted 7/4/2013 8:06:21 PM
Choice band Tyranitar
Poison heal Gliscor
Life Orb Hydreigon
Technician Scizor
Leftovers Golurk
and the last one i never did decide on.. was debating between a shadow trick Gothitelle or a Special Trick Victini.

course, now that we got some info on gen 6 its looking more like i'll be using a monopale instead of the golurk and ether a fennekin or a gardevoir
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#12cardoor123Posted 7/4/2013 8:11:50 PM
Lol Magneton?
#13AlI_About_The_UPosted 7/4/2013 8:25:38 PM
Mine had Belly Drum Charizard. That makes me sad.
#14KillBlaze_DXPosted 7/4/2013 8:52:35 PM

Was never able to take it seriously though.
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#15SpinKirbyPosted 7/4/2013 8:53:37 PM
All Arceus, why waste time?
#16noobody1Posted 7/4/2013 9:41:59 PM
ecylis posted...
I don't play competitive
No fun in being limited to only certain Pokemon

You're free too use magikarp. But you need to be very good for it to work... And its only merit is humiliating the enemies