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What evolutionary stage do you think (or hope) Monorpale is at?

#11Sobriquet835Posted 7/6/2013 2:03:41 AM
I can see an evolution of it that is a seven pointed blade.
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#12SpikeTbearPosted 7/6/2013 3:31:36 AM
I think a dagger Pokemon may evolve into Honedge, and then it evolves into a large sword with multiple small swords floating around it.
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#13namelessregretPosted 7/6/2013 3:41:32 AM
Second stage, without any other evolution. It looks too good to evolve, but I wouldn't mind a pre-evo for it.
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#14_Super_Shadow_Posted 7/6/2013 3:44:43 AM
I think it will have a basic Pokemon it evolves from, but I think its the final evolution in its line.
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#15GoGoatPosted 7/6/2013 4:01:30 AM
I hope its at its base stage and evolves.
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