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Does anybody like hoenn types?

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User Info: LightningAce11

3 years ago#1
Does anybody like hoenn types?
Pokemon red and blue suck.

User Info: BlackBloodDrago

3 years ago#2
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User Info: Nightstar1994

3 years ago#3
Hoenn is my favorite region

User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#4
Hoenn's Pokemon? Yes. They're among my favorites.
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User Info: Hydreigoon

3 years ago#5
Hoenn was the region I started on, so I do like Hoenn Pokemon. Latios, Flygon and Swampert all deserve honorable mentions.
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User Info: paipr

3 years ago#6
hoenn has so many pokemon whose designs i just really really like. its my favorite region, thus far anyway.
dandelion + flabebe + fairy wind = saddest moment in pokemon.
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User Info: gopack24

3 years ago#7
Nightstar1994 posted...
Hoenn is my favorite region
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User Info: Misdreavus573

3 years ago#8
Hoenn has some great Pokemon designs... but as far as designs go, it's overall my least favorite.

User Info: ExonOuroboros

3 years ago#9
The dragons look nice, but it's the generation that turned a lot of people off the series.

User Info: Finale_Wanderer

3 years ago#10
I hated the fact I couldn't catch some of my favorite pokemon like ampharos in Sapphire.

There was like only one new electric type pokemon... (Manectric) and I never got a good nature for it, I think.

Some were really cool, like the grass/fighting mushroom type. As I didn't look up Pokémon Sapphire/Ruby I didn't know anything about the game. I think some lady at the K.B. Toys in the mall said something about preordering and I'd get a cool gold holographic coin. I instantly liked Kyogre more so I preordered it, as I used to have legendaries in my team since Gen 1. Overall, I think I didn't like a lot of the things they took out of the third gen. No transferring of my old teams, no night/day differences, lack of some of my favorite pokemon all throughout gen 3... Johto seemed it was forgotten. That's sort of why I liked Gen 4 in the beginning it felt like a real sequel.
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