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Are you for sure using any of the currently revealed pokemon on your team?

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User Info: _Sanaki_

3 years ago#41
I'm surprised no one said Flabebe. I guess I'm the weird one out then, or I managed to overlook the people who mentioned it. Along with whatever my starter is, and Honedge, the rest of my team will evolve depending on types and such, since I try to avoid overlapping types in my team, and build it all with Pokemon from that generation (just to keep it interesting, and keep me from going all Ghost like I would have in B/W just about).
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User Info: KaitoKaze

3 years ago#42
Fennekin and Honedge definitely, maybe Clauncher, most likely Sylveon
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User Info: DutchAngel9

3 years ago#43
Well, not 100%, that all depends on how the evolutions look.

But so far Fennekin and Honedge are on my team.
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User Info: Finale_Wanderer

3 years ago#44
Well seeing as Froakie will likely evolve... I'll use his evolution.

I'll try out at least one NEW fairy type, as I usually have an ice type but this type I'll exchange it out. If there's any other new "types" like the light or sound type, I'll try those out. I always have the following types: flying, water, electric, and ground. I often have these types as well: dark, bug (especially in gen 3-5), ice or dragon, and grass (spore).

I try to have only new pokemon on my team or pokemon that I didn't use in a previous generation. Like in Gen 3 I caught a Heracross to deal with the Elite Four in Emerald. But had an Ampharos on my teams in Gold and Heart Gold, I kept Mightyena and on in my Emerald team even though I used him in Sapphire because he was the first dark type you could catch, etc.
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User Info: xKYSx

3 years ago#45
in game

fennekin + it's evo but it may change depend on its typing
that fire bird version of starly
sylveon assuming eevee is obtainable early.
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User Info: NewbieN00b

3 years ago#46
I can see using Helioptile.
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User Info: Zadios765

3 years ago#47
Fennekin and Clauncher as long as clauncher gets an evolution
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User Info: SirPierce

3 years ago#48
Honedge, Noivern, Helioptile for sure. Flabebe and Talonflame possible.
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User Info: gamingrat

3 years ago#49
I normally go with a fire, water, grass, lightning, psychic, dragon team plus a backup flier. so ill have all 3 starters, gardivour, if you can catch it, noviern, and heliopilte
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User Info: Noctus3

3 years ago#50

For sure. Unless Gogaot is really that pitiful attack wise.
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