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Has anyone never encountered a shiny?

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User Info: ao_bomber

3 years ago#81
I have a shiny Swampert on my Sapphire cart.

Still considering porting it to my Black 1 cart.

User Info: miffie_1

3 years ago#82
Ive never encountered one or hatched one and ive been playing since 97. Obviously they werent around in Gen I but Ive played all the games many, many times over and have never found one in the wild.
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User Info: burner001

3 years ago#83
I've been fortunate to encounter and catch a shiny in every generation (although I've never got one from breeding)

Silver I got a shiny Hoothoot on the first route (and yes, I did have pokeballs)
I have to admit, I spent a lot of time post-game searching in the Narional Parl for a Pink Butterfree because of the what the girl says at the Lake Of Rage, I thought the Butterfree would've been another scripted shiny battle

Sapphire, got a shiny Poochyena outside Slateport while search for the respective Lati

Pearl, encountered a shiny Skorupi in the marshes (and I freaked out so much cause of the whole running thing)...kept my calm and caught that (was actually looking for a Skorupi with Sniper)

White and I got a shiny Audino from a shaking patch of grass while EV training
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User Info: nightblade_hawk

3 years ago#84
If you actually played Gold, SIlver or Crystal and it's remakes you should know about the Shiny Gyarados you can catch.

It was my first Shiny...and one of the few I caught to his Day.

User Info: pokemon2poker

3 years ago#85
Just more people who lack diligence and complain about it.


User Info: Holden_Mcgroin

3 years ago#86
I have owned and played every Pokemon game to death, and I have never encountered a wild shiny ever.
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User Info: supremeblaster

3 years ago#87
If you've played Gen 2 games, then that's impossible, as encountering Shiny Gyrados is part of the plot.

Sadly, outside of that, I've never encountered a shiny.

User Info: spooky96

3 years ago#88
Once a Zubut in my whole career, have played each gen many times.

Strangely, got Pokerus around 4-5 times.
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User Info: cyounexttuesday

3 years ago#89
Came in to say that I haven't - then encountered a shiny Golbat (I'm playing Black 2 atm) just as I clicked on the 'Post message' button!

Wish me luck!

User Info: MwarriorHiei

3 years ago#90
other than the red gyarados in gold that doesnt count, i havent run into any shinies.
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