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Favorite Generation 1 Pokemon, Losers Round 1, Battle 8: Porygon vs Seaking

#1Samp98518Posted 7/7/2013 7:32:41 PM(edited)
Porygon or Seaking? - Results (21 votes)
80.95% (17 votes)
19.05% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Yesterday's Results:
Pidgeotto 19, Rhyhorn 9
Wartortle 17, Mr. Mime 3

Other Match: Arbok vs Hitmonlee ( )

Tomorrow's Matches: Tauros vs Pinsir, Weedle vs Kangaskhan

Porygon today. A fish that manages to look kind of fat and derpy, versus... 80 pounds of data? I don't get it, but Porygon was always kind of cool to me.
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