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The most messed up thing you've seen in Pokemon?

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3 years ago#11
X_Ayumi_X posted...
Wait, the Gengar was made by that same person?
But yeah, the Gengar was super adorable. I rather have something like that in my room while I sleep than say a stupid ugly guard dog.
At least if a burglar comes in Gengar can't be killed as it's already dead.

Huh. Well, to each, his own. If you like those, check out these. The dude made quite a few. Maybe you'll like them as well.
3 years ago#12
jneal57 posted...
the fans
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3 years ago#13
What was that thing?
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3 years ago#14
The game's description of Stealth Rock damage.

Pointed stones dug into Butterfree. Knife-sharp stones digging into pokemon's flesh is really gruesome.
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3 years ago#15
For me it's a tie between Team Rocket killing Cubone's mother and them cutting off Slowpoke tails and selling them.
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3 years ago#16
DrSizzChicken posted...
jneal57 posted...
the fans

Sounds about right.

And I agree; that thing was cute~
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3 years ago#17
In the fandom? Half of the R34.

In the games? Missingno
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3 years ago#18
Goatercycle posted...


More accurately, that horrifying fan-made thing of the Swalot sucking in that Pokegirl.

Everything else is just meh or well drawn deviantart. That comic...was very unsettling.
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3 years ago#19
3 years ago#20
The fact that all humans are completely useless without Pokémon to do all their work.
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