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I am a girl an I love fairy types ^.^

#81reannamatorPosted 7/14/2013 8:39:44 AM
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That's cool.
How do you feel about playing a male protagonist?

I don't see the argument in here at all? Are you saying fairies are only for girls?
There are dragons and steel and bugs, things more boys seem to care about than girls. So just suck it up :/

The only girls I can see liking Pokémon are crazy gamers or tomboys or both.
I can't see girls that like Disney princesses or My Little Pony liking Pokémon.

Um... hi there. Honestly, I like those things. But I've been wild about Pokemon since I was a kid. And I have very, very erratic tastes.

But I'm a bit too old to be called a girl now, but that's just semantics.