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Has there ever been a random NPC trainer that you had trouble beating?

#31reflectivesPosted 7/13/2013 9:46:25 PM
Outside of Nimbasa City, on the route that leads to the forest area with zoroark there was a backpacker whose scraggy swept my team. I wasn't even underleveled. Just unlucky.

And I think at one point Bianca's stoutland completely destroyed me.
#32ScottThangPosted 7/13/2013 11:29:03 PM
Back in Red, I always used to have trouble with the Youngster with the Ekans just after Pewter City, because of how Wrap worked at the time. And as a kid at the time, the idea of level grinding never really struck me, so sometimes Ekans would be faster than my Pokemon, and would ALWAYS use Wrap.
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