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Pokemon X & Y Official Evolution Poll. Day 146 :Unown Evolution

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User Info: koopabros64

3 years ago#11
I'm not sure why so many people are apposed to the idea.I don't think they should right off a pokemon just because it's gimmicky. It depends on what that gimmick is. Anyway, I'm all for an evolution and some of those fan designs are pretty cool. I actually thought that sigilyph would have ended up being its evolution, so I was disappointed that it wasn't.
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User Info: Scizoreon

3 years ago#12
Golurk Evolution X 5

User Info: Scizoreon

3 years ago#13
Golurk Evolution X 36
Gyarados Evolution X 35
Illumise Evolution X 30

Arbok Evolution X 26
Swalot Evolution X 25
Sawk / Throh Pre-Evolution X 25
Tauros Evolution X 21
Omastar Evolution X 20
Basculin Evolution X 20
Masquerain Evolution X 20
Toxicroak Evolution X 17
Liepard Evolution X 17
Cryogonal Evolution X 17

Stunfisk Evolution X 17
Spiritomb Evolution X 17
Onix Pre-Evolution X 16
Furret Evolution X 15
Zangoose Pre-Evolution X 15
Weavile Evolution X 15
Shinx Split Evolution X 15
Castform Evolution X 14
Carnivine Evolution X 13
Golduck Evolution X 13

Persian Evolution X 12
Amoonguss Evolution X 12
Stantler Evolution X 12
Hypno Evolution X 12
Scrafty Evolution X 12
Steelix Evolution X 11
Cloyster Evolution X 11
Wobbuffet Evolution X 11
Ninetales Evolution X 11
Skarmory Pre-Evolution X 11

Shellos (East) Split Evolution X 10
Snorlax Evolution X 10
Magby Split Evolution X 10
Kricketune Evolution X 10
Ambipom Evolution X 10
Wailord Evolution X 10
Miltank Evolution X 10
Buizel Pre-Evolution X 10
Voltorb Split Evolution X 10
Clamperl Split Evolution X 10
Dodrio Evolution X 8

Hitmonchan Evolution X 8
Hitmonlee Evolution X 8
Hitmontop Evolution X 8
Hippowdon Evolution X 8
Darmanitan Evolution X 8
Excadrill Evolution X 8
Pinsir Pre-Evolution X 8
Skuntank Evolution X 7
Luvdisc/Alomomola Pre-Evolution X 5
Pupitar Split Evolution X 5

Purrloin Split Evolution x 5
Genesect Form X 5
Dialga Form X 5
Keldeo Form X 5
Larvesta Pre-Evolution X 5
Wailmer Split Evolution X 5
Sigilyph Pre-Evolution X 5
Spiritomb Pre-Evolution X 5
Remoraid Split Evolution X 3
Chinchou Split Evolution X 2
Lombre Split Evolution X 2

User Info: wind64a

3 years ago#14
It would be interesting if getting all 28 Unown together in a single box automatically fused them into a single hive-mind Pokémon. Maybe it could have all of them visible inside of its shape if you look really closely.
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User Info: GlitterGuns

3 years ago#15

I think it could go either way. Some of the fan art is good, but I'd rather have more Unown forms.

x5 Cryogonal evolution
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