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Rate the new Pokemon Day 10 - Talonflame

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3 years ago#1
Rate Talonflame on a scale of 1-10 - Results (143 votes)
10 - It's amazing!
21.68% (31 votes)
9 - It's awesome!
23.08% (33 votes)
8 - It's great!
23.78% (34 votes)
7 - It's good!
16.08% (23 votes)
6 - It's average
8.39% (12 votes)
5 - It's below average
0.7% (1 votes)
4 - It's bad
2.8% (4 votes)
3 - It's really bad
0% (0 votes)
2 - It's terrible
0% (0 votes)
1 - One of the worst Pokemon ever made.
3.5% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
While we all eagerly await the next batch of Pokemon to be revealed, let's rate the ones that have been shown so far.

Today's Pokemon is Talonflame, the fire-flying evolution of Fletchling.

Feel free to discuss anything Talonflame-related so the topic stays up and we get a lot of votes.


Fletchling had a good performance. Let's see if Talonflame can do better than its pre-evo.

Amazing Pokemon (Avg. % is from 93-100)

Awesome Pokemon (Avg. % is from 85-92.9)

Great Pokemon (Avg. % is from 77-84.9)
Yveltal 82.5% (113 votes)
Clauncher 81.7% (66 votes)
Fennekin 79.3% (109 votes)
Chespin 77.3% (64 votes)

Good Pokemon (Avg. % is from 70-76.9)
Xerneas 76.0% (78 votes)
Honedge 74.6% (138 votes)
Fletchling 72.2% (98 votes)

Average Pokemon (Avg. % is from 63-69.9)

Below Average Pokemon (Avg. % is from 55-62.9)
Skrelp 62.9% (89 votes)
Sylveon 58.4% (188 votes)

Bad Pokemon (Avg. % is from 40-54.9)

Terrible Pokemon (Avg. % less than 40)

Thanks for participating!
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose
3 years ago#2
10/10 best gen 6 pokemon so far. Love it.
Always wanted a falcon pokemon
Specter of shadows, Ruler of the darkened moon, Uncontrollable ~Darkrai
3 years ago#3
Since when was Sylveon so hated? I mean, she's not perfect, but worse than Skrelp? Ugh.
You know nothing, Jon Snow.
3 years ago#4
From: 0Fallen_Angel0 | #003
Since when was Sylveon so hated? I mean, she's not perfect, but worse than Skrelp? Ugh.

To be fair, she got a LOT more votes, so high scores would be worth less.
3 years ago#5
Giving it a 4 because

a) I'm not crazy about the design. It's okay, but not amazing.
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3 years ago#6
7/10 by overall pokemon standards, 5/10 by gen 6 standards so far. A decent looking poke, but we really don't need fire/flying pokes, and that name is pretty cringeworthy. One of the less good gen 6 pokes revealed so far, but to be fair it has a lot of competition.
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3 years ago#7
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3 years ago#8

It's good. The official artwork is definitely nice, but the in-game 3D model makes it look kinda ugly. Still, I like that the traditional early bird is breaking away from the Normal/Flying norm.
"First time I got punched in the face, I was like "oh no", then I was like "this is a story"."
3 years ago#9
I kinda like it.
And we've totally never had any Fire/Flying Pokemon.
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
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3 years ago#10

Design is great.
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