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Rate my Poke Ball ideas.

#11ZTIger5Posted 7/9/2013 4:01:12 PM
Accrovideogames posted...
Tech Ball: 3x catch rate on Steel and artificial Pokémon (list below), 1x otherwise.
Random Ball: Random catch rate, can be anything from 0.015625x to 4x (see math below).
Weather Ball (not the move): 3.5x catch rate during weather conditions, 1x otherwise.
Status Ball: 3x catch rate on Pokémon suffering from a status ailment, technically 4.5x with the status bonus, 1x otherwise.
Mature Ball: 3x catch rate on evolved Pokémon, 1x otherwise.
Combo Ball: Catch rate starts at .5 and increases by .5x for each unique Pokeball used prior without attacking or using other items.

Tech 8/10
Random 3/10 (would have to be really cheap to justify its potentially horrendous catch rate)
Weather 6/10 (kinda overpowered since weather moves are fairly common and some areas have weather effects at all times)
Status 5/10 (overpowered)
Mature 9/10
Combo 8/10 (costly from using so many different pokeballs beforehand)
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#12Accrovideogames(Topic Creator)Posted 7/10/2013 8:13:57 AM
LegendofDarkrai posted...
Tech ball: 7/10 good idea but to complex to remember all the pokemon.
There aren't many artificial Pokémon and they're all pretty straightforward.

LegendofDarkrai posted...
Combo ball: 8/10 good but a little bit to similar to timer ball.
No they don't, the Timer Ball can be used in succession without resetting its catch rate, and the Combo Ball can have a better catch rate faster than the Timer Ball.

My rating of PoorRishDude's Poké Balls:

Gem Ball: 8/10 I actually thought about this one myself.
Snare Ball: 10/10 excellent idea.
Spike Ball: 7/10 good idea.
Cozy Ball: 10/10 excellent idea.
Pika Ball: 1/10 sorry but this is stupid.
Rich Ball: 3/10 pretty useless.
Junk Ball: 8/10, I like the idea.
Heart/Muscle/Shield/Comet/Genius/Mystic Ball: 10/10 if they act in a similar fashion to Luxury Balls and Macho Braces, by that I mean that they don't give a fix value upon capture but doubles the associated EVs received.

LegendofDarkrai posted...
Cozy ball: 7,5/10 nice concept but since small pokemon are often low levelled, you can use something else
They're far from being low-leveled. Besides, it's not easier but harder to catch low leveled Pokémon because they have less HP. A Pokémon with 1/300 HP left is much easier to catch than the same Pokémon with 1/20 HP left.

LegendofDarkrai posted...
Junk ball: 8/10 very interesting but at the same time, you want your pokeball to look cool (rich ball)
I totally agree, con artists don't sell useless junk that also look like junk, their stuff must look useful and cool.

X_Ayumi_X posted...
I can only judge if you show me pictures of how they look. I go by how they look and use them by how they are and if I think they look right with the Pokémon.
Okay, I will, just wait a bit.

ZTIger5 posted...
Weather 6/10 (kinda overpowered since weather moves are fairly common and some areas have weather effects at all times)
It has the same catch rate as a Dusk Ball and that one works during the night and inside caves, which is more common than weather conditions.

ZTIger5 posted...
Status 5/10 (overpowered)
A Dusk Ball or Dive Ball used during the night while surfing on a Pokémon with a status ailment has its 3.5x catch rate boosted to 5.25x just by the status bonus.

ZTIger5 posted...
Combo 8/10 (costly from using so many different pokeballs beforehand)
People tend to throw dozens of balls to catch legendaries. How about throwing different ones and using a Combo Ball at the end?
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