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Peroppafu and Shushup apparently evolve from Pancham.

#11Luigi playerPosted 7/11/2013 1:10:16 AM
I know but I would've liked some of it :\

who doesn't want this?:
"There is no "legendary Z" fully defined, however one could meet these conditions: Water-type Pokémon / rock that resembles a giant squid head covered with rock formations that resemble an ancient city, according to one source of the legendary most impressive he has seen."

I just hope they'll show some good rock types soon...
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#12RaidenHeroPosted 7/11/2013 1:12:58 AM
That is rather funny..
#13AysanderPosted 7/11/2013 1:16:32 AM
Serebii noticed the typo and fixed it. Thank god lol.